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Vendor Ordinance & Permit Application


1. Except as exempted by regulations or statutes of the State of Connecticut, no person or organization shall engage in vending or peddling of any goods, wares, or services, or in soliciting of any nature either on public streets or public or private property within the Borough without first obtaining a Vendor Permit from the Board of Warden & Burgesses (hereinafter referred to as the Board).  In evaluating any request for such a Vendor Permit, the Board shall consider the need for such vendor activity at the location proposed and the likely impacts on traffic, parking, congestion, noise, pedestrian and vehicular safety, neighborhood aesthetics, etc., that the Vendor’s activity could have on that part of the Borough, as well as potential conflicts with other established businesses with similar activities within the Borough.  The Vendor Permit, if granted, shall specify the days and hours of operation, and define the specific location and extent of the vending/peddling/soliciting activity.  The Board’s decision, including any specific limitations, will be given to the applicant as soon as practical, but not later than one month after the application is reviewed and voted on by the Board. An approved Vendor Permit must be displayed by the Vendor and visible at all times while engaged in the permitted activity.

2. The Vendor Permit fee shall be $10 per day of proposed peddling, vending or soliciting activity, not to exceed $500 per year, to be paid in advance and included with the Vendor Permit application. If the Permit is denied, the Permit fee shall be returned to the applicant. Fees associated with unfulfilled portions of the Permit activities (i.e., vendor uses fewer days than permitted) shall not be refunded.  Vendors who have been issued a Permit but then violate the terms and conditions of the Permit may have the permit revoked by the Board. 


3. Soliciting or peddling by groups such as Girl or Boy Scouts of America, Stonington Schools system, Borough churches, and the Stonington Community Center and other  IRS category 501c (3) non-profit charitable organizations may be exempt from the fees specified in paragraph 2 but must follow the procedures given in paragraphs 1 and 2. 

Passed December 1, 1993. Revised August 3, 1994; re-passed April 15, 2006; Revised March 30, 2015

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After seven months of work, the Borough Charter Revision Commission forwarded its final report to the Board of Warden & Burgesses in mid-August.  At its regular monthly meeting on August 20th, the Board unanimously approved the report, which is found here.   The most significant changes in the revised charter are to reduce the number of burgesses on the Board from six to four;  to consolidate commissioner duties among the five members of the Board; to make the position of clerk-treasurer an appointed rather than elected position; and to eliminate the position of tax collector.  The revised charter will be on the ballot in the next Borough election in May 2019. 


Important information about new tax bill procedure: Click on link below

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